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WOM Review – Cookout
Cookout review. I’m not the best person to review Cookout because I’m not a fan and have been to several in my travels over the years.
To sum it up quickly, it’s low cost, low quality / low nutritional value and relatively quick food but just not very good but to eaches own. It’s one of those restaurants that you will have many opinions that are pro or con.
The dining room was full of young high school kids that can stomach the bad food and like the low price tag. I’ve also driven by many a late night when it’s lined up around the building in the drive thru and packed inside with drinks with a few dollars left from the night to eat some grease. There were also a few families that I’m sure like the lower family price tag but it still is not on my WOM list.
I’ve not had everything here nor care to but not a fan of the burger and the fries are awful and the hot dog do so bad I couldn’t eat it so no need to continue on from there.
The shakes are the only thing that I would return for and they have 40 different shakes and for only $2.75 it’s the best value around and they are pretty good. I will eat somewhere else and catch a shake here on the way home.
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