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Bynum Dentistry
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Bynum Dentistry

"What makes you smile?" is a question that we at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry have asked our patients and friends for a long time now. Nearly 15 years to be exact! You see, we all have reasons for doing what we do and being who we are, but how often do we really sit down to take the time to really evaluate what it is that makes us smile? For some, it is a loved one, a vacation or a feeling of being part of something bigger. Well, that's kind of what drives us here at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry…. Being part of something bigger than ourselves!

So we ask people what makes them smile, and everyone has a different response. That is what makes us love, honor, and appreciate our patients. At Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry we want to be a part of what it is that makes you smile! So I have a question for you: "What is it that makes you smile?!"

"I sincerely look forward to my appointments with Dr. Matt and his amazing team! Not only have they kept my teeth and gums healthy through regularly scheduled cleanings, but they have also enhanced my smile through whitening (making sure I was wedding day ready). Next up, they’re going to straighten things out with Six Month Smile! Being confident about my teeth makes me want to smile even more. Thank you to everyone there!"

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