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fresh to order
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Fresh to Order

by Patrick VanEvery
WOM Review – Fresh to Order

Fresh to Order – fine. food. fast

One of the newest successful restaurants to open off of the local favorite Woodruff Rd. across from Cabellas and neat to Firebirds.

FtO is another successful franchise creation by Pierre Panos based out of ATL with close to 20 locations and growing quickly to 50 and more locations all in the SE.

They fall into the fast casual food category with a focus great food. They advertise and promote lower price points based on the quality of food and have a large price range and large menu. Based on what we ordered, 2 salads with added protein and drinking water came to $27 for lunch so not what I consider a low priced lunch but to be fair they have many other lower priced options. A basic salad and or sandwich is $8.00+. For tea fans, they have 10 different unique tea flavors as well as a soda machine and some desserts that we didn’t try.

I’ve been several times and each time it gets busier and busier and anyone that I have recommended it to and has been, is a fan and been back. They have a great menu with something for everyone and I would like to try most of the dishes as many sound amazing. The GM Chaz runs a great restaurant and has been very pleased with the entry to the Greenville market and said business is improving every week.

The 2 guests that I introduced to F2O were both highly impressed and looked forward to their next visit.

They are open lunch and dinner 7 days per week and are always packed at lunch, the only time I’ve eaten there. They focus on a modern, fresh and clean interior and have a great space outside for awesome SC weather.

There’s no reason they would not make it on our WOM list of – must try. I highly recommend that you try it for yourself and see which dish is your favorite. Enjoy and let me know what you think – you won’t be disappointed.

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1025 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC, USA
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