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Let There Be Mom

Let There Be Mom works to preserve the legacies of moms and dads with life-threatening illnesses. Once a family submits an Application for Services, and it is determined that they meet our criteria (they have children 18 years old or younger, their doctor must sign the “Physician’s Statement”, and they must be able to communicate with us), we will contact the family to set up our initial meeting. During this meeting, we conduct an interview with the parent who has applied for services. This is their time to tell us about themselves and let us know what they would like their children to know about them. From there, we brainstorm on ways to put their talents, hobbies, hopes, and dreams into tangible forms for their children.

Once their projects have been decided on, their team leaders “make it happen”. Our goal is to work quickly, yet at a pace that is comfortable for the family. Many projects require that the family provide us with the items we need in order to complete them such as photographs for scrapbooks, clothing for quilts, items for shadow boxes, etc. and sometimes the families need to participate in projects like family photo sessions, pottery projects, etc. so we need to work around their schedules.

There are many popular projects that we see our families repeatedly select such as scrapbooks, quilts, gifts for the future, books of letters, photography, and thumbprint charms, but we also work hard to discover the uniqueness of each mom or dad and try to create something specific to them.

Founder: Kipra Anderson




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