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WOM Review – Grimaldi
Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria – Magnolia Park – Greenville, SC – located behind Yard House and to the right of Cabelas.
First time for both myself and my lunch guest. We arrived early for lunch and asked many questions. Nice NY old school style restaurant that was clean and new in the high rent district of Magnolia Park. The Manager Tammi welcomed us and told us their story which dates back 100 years to Brooklyn NY. It’s a favorite of many people in NY and beyond. The family still owns the chain and they now have 36 locations across the U.S. Only other location is Mt. Pleasant.
The menu – pizza, calzone and salads –
That’s about it outside of deserts. They know what they do well and rock it. They are known for their dough and use filtrated water to be closer to NY authentic. We split a personal style pizza which was 6 pieces and split a spinach salad and that was more then enough for the two of us. Total cost was $22 and we tried the cheesecake because it was a gift and happy to do so as it is made fresh daily with NY roots that know both cheesecake and pizza very well. Cheesecake didn’t suck but not on my plan. My opinion on pizza – it’s one of those foods that no two people agree on loving the same pizza. It’s such a personal thing. What I can tell you from eating pizza all over NY and NJ, I’m a fan of their pizza. I’ve heard complaints about the cost to add different ingredients but you are paying for quality and high rent. If you want cheap stick with Little Cesar’s. Both of us were impressed with the pizza, the service and the dessert along with the restaurant. They have a nice bar area and a great outdoor patio and bar when it’s not 100 degrees. I will return and look forward to a calzone next visit.
We heard they are on up to an hour wait on Fri and Sat and the two nights that you will never see me there.
Give them a shot and let me know what you think. If you have been before, let me know about your experience.

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Grimaldi on Woodruff RD.