WOM Insiders

WOM Membership is free and a huge part of the WOM Tribe and the community that we are building via word of mouth. We will build this community organically over the next several years as the Upstate continues to explode with growth. WOM will work closely with the members as the tribe is the best place to indentify future WOMPartners and assist in creating WOMLists of the best of to share with others.

WOM will perform regular reviews of local businesses, especially restaurants as we have a group of local foodies that love to share their WOM experiences, both good and bad in search of the hidden gem that everyone wants to know about.

The goal of WOM is to identify the best of the Upstate and share their story with WOM Members. WOM will also offer benefits exclusive to WOM Members along with unique WOM Events.

WOM will utilize many of the modern social technologies to assist in promoting WOM and thus promoting our WOMPartners. WOM will utilize social media to include, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. We will also be using a mobile friendly Website, Podcasts, Video, Email, Text and Photos to help to tell our partners WOM story. Please connect with us on these social sites:
FB, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+

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For more information on WOM and or to learn more about getting involved with the tribe or doing some reviews, email Patrick@womgreenville.com.