Upstate Eye Care

Do you want healthy eyes and clearer vision?
Located at the intersection of Roper Mountain Road and I-385 in beautiful Greenville, SC, Upstate Eye Care is your complete eye care destination and more. We offer total eye care—this means we provide eye exams, treat and prevent eye disease, and address routine vision problems. Our focus is on specialty care such as providing custom contact lens fittings and eyewear for athletes and those with active lifestyles. We enjoy solving dry eye problems (especially as it relates to contact lens wear), and ensuring your eyes are well-equipped for sports and outdoor adventures. We believe that excellent eye care enhances quality of life, and we want to make sure healthy eyes and clearer vision are a part of that.
Our mission is to help you achieve healthy eyes so you can see as clearly as possible. Our goal is that all patients achieve the healthiest possible eyes and the clearest possible vision.


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