Wayback Burger
by Patrick VanEvery | Mar 10, 2016 | WOM Reviews | 0 comments
Wayback Burger
WOM Review – Wayback Burger
WOMReview – Wayback Burger, a franchise burger restaurant on Woodruff Rd in the old Voodoo BBQ location next to Dunkin Donuts.
I met the owner during construction / remodeling of their location and told him I do business reviews and would give him a month or two after he opens to work out the kinks. He was very proud as he should be when he described the Wayback concept, how great the burgers and milkshakes were and compared them to being better than Smashburger – who by the way I’m a big fan of. As a courtesy I called him and just asked how things were going and make sure the kinks were worked out as I would be making my review debut visit. I also politely told him I’ve seen several mixed reviews via FB and directly from friends who visited and he was somewhat defensive as expected.
Today, a friend and I decided to give it a shot as we both love a great burger and shake. We went at 110pm so it was not busy and we were greeted and explained the menu and some of the specials. After we ordered we were told it would take 5 minutes and our shakes would be out first. Our food arrived in 12 minutes and the shakes in about 15 minutes. We each had something different – basic cheeseburger the way I order it at most places and a Carolina Burger with fries and home made chips and 2 milkshakes.
The burgers that they are known for were ok at best and nowhere near a Smashburger. The chips and fries were both good but luke warm at best and no reason they weren’t both HOT. The shakes were the worst shakes I’ve had in a long time, were runny like milk and full of ice chunks. Cookout shakes are better and half the price and I’m not a Cookout fan. I watched the girl attempting to make the shakes and knew we were in trouble.
Pricing for the two of us was $21.67 so it’s not a cheap lunch option and I would expect a lot more especially with the competition for the same dollar. Culvers is a way better option at a much better price with many more options.
They did a nice job inside with the remodel and have outdoor seating and it was clean and well staffed but sadly I will not be back real soon and they will not make my WOMWorthy list of restaurants.
As always, I would love to hear from those with a great experience and or raving fans and maybe today was an off day. Most of the comments that I have seen and or sent to me directly mirror my review.
Review from my dining partner JA –
Wayback Burger is a franchise burger joint who’s best win is there logo. The restaurant was clean with a nice open layout. We tried the Carolina Burger (Burger with Slaw and Chili) and the Wayback Classic Burger (All-American Burger with Tomato, Lettuce, & Cheese). The burgers were good, but not overly impressive. Let’s just say, I did not tweet out how amazing they were. Wendy’s could hold their own against Wayback Burgers. The shakes were runny and ice cube filled at the bottom. The French fries and home made fries were tasty, but nothing to write home about. All in all, I give Wayback Burger 2 🗯🗯 out of 5.

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Wayback Burger on Woodruff RD.